3/2-14 Exhibition with Mina Daimon "Quotations II" at Roonee 247 fine arts (Tokyo)
2/25-3/15 Group Exhibition "The secret 2021" at Ricoh Imaging Square (Tokyo )
2/27 Music for Daido Moriyama at CP+2021
1/26-2/7 Photography and Sound Exhibition "You Can't Touch Forever" at Gallery Camellia (Tokyo)
1/1 New Album "Eclipse" bandcamp / Apple Music / Spotify / LINE MUSIC

see Instagram and Facebook Page for the latest information on Robert Adachi
雑誌掲載などを含む最新情報は >> Facebookページ
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10/22 Created Short Movie and Music for Ricoh GR III Street Edition
10/9-11 Solo Watercolor Exhibition "A New Planet" at Ten to Ten (Sapporo)
9/6 Portfolios "AND I wrote my happy songs", "Five Seasons" and "Affordances" added
6/5 Featured in "Re-TRY" on NTV
6/1 New album "And I wrote my happy songs" on sale 
6/9-14 Solo Photo Exhibition "Affordances- Music in Photographic Form" at iia gallery
6/2-14 Solo Watercolor Exhibition "AND I wrote my happy songs" at roonee 247 fine arts
3/31-4/5 Solo Photo Exhibition "Affordances- Music in Photographic Form" at iia gallery
3/17 Photobook "Clarity and Precipitation" on sale via print-on-demand US, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, UK, Japan
2/3 Watercolor Portfolio "Finding a Planet"

8/20 Solo Live "Paint the Air with Sounds" at Mandala
7/2-14 Solo Exhibition "Finding a Planet" Roonee 247 fine arts
6/30 New album "Finding a Planet" on sale
3/16 Music Live for ROCKYOU 2019 at galleryMain (Kyoto)
3/5-10 Exhibition "Quotations" at Roonee 247 fine arts
3/8 Gallery Music Live at KKAG
2/20-3/9 Solo Exhibition "Five Seasons" at KKAG
2/7 GR LIVE! at WWW
2/3 Talk Live 「まだ見ぬ写真へ」at Mace南青山
1/24 Portfolio "SONIC"

12/23 Gallery Live "SONUS" at Gallery Camellia
12/11-25 Solo Exhibition "SONIC" at Gallery Camellia
12/5-17 GR T-snaps at RICOH Imaging Square Shinjuku
11/21-12/16 Exhibition "The secret 2018" at RICOH Imaging Square Ginza
8/20 Solo Live at Mandala
6/28-7/8 Joint Exhibition "Photo Cha" 企画展「フォト茶」ゲスト展示 at iia gallery
6/2 Music, Reading and Comedy in Nagano コメディ「さまよえる魂」朗読「風立ちぬ」in 長野
5/15-20 Joint Exhibition "Cherry Blossoms of the Year" 企画展「ことしのさくら」ゲスト展示 at Roonee 247 Fine Arts
5/13 Live at Shibuya Roots as part of Tourist Information
5/8-13 End of Seminar Exhibition "Develop Your Mind" 写真ゼミ第15期修了展 at Roonee 247 Fine Arts
2/7-2/12 Exhibition "ROCK YOU 2018" at Kodaiji Temple
1/21 Live "Nirvana -The Voice of Life-" at Hommyoin Temple
1/19-24 Photo Exhibition "Nirvana" at Hommyoin Temple

11/26-12/2 Exhibition and Workshop "ROCK YOU 2018 Rre-Event" at PICTORICO Shop and Gallery
11/15-12/10 Exhibition "The secret 2017" at RICOH Imaging Square
11/1 New Album "Novembre Self Remix" on sale
10/10-15 End of Seminar Exhibition "Extended Self" 写真ゼミ第14期修了展 at Roonee 247 Fine Arts
9/23 Music, Reading and Comedy in Nagano
7/25-30 À Chloris- Group Exhibition by Participants in Time for Light
4/30 Musical Theater and Comedy at Mandala (Tokyo) 新作音楽劇「慈眼寺」&コメディ「さまよえる魂」
4/5 Music available on bandcamp
3/4-12 Group Photo Exhibition "Rock You" at CALOTYPE
2/14 Live at Mandala (Tokyo) Pray

11/30-12/25 Exhibition "The secret 2016" at RICOH Imaging Square
11/18-20 Rhythms and Visions "Composition Live 2016 " at Atsukobarouh
09/01 Live at Mandala (Tokyo) 写真、映像、ライヴサウンドトラック「鳥のしるし
06/03-25 Solo Photo Exhibition "Before Fragmenting" at Tosei Gallery
06/12 Concert with Wind, Brass and Shagiri (traditional intruments) at Katakai Junior High School (Niigata)
04/07 New Blog 'Resonance'
02/01 Digital Photo Book 'Meditative Images of Kauai' on Sale
02/06 Live Music, Talk and Reading on "SLEEP" for Children and Adult「大人と子どものねむりのコンサート」at Ikegami-Hommonji Temple
02/06 "Time for Light"- A Way of Photography 写真講座「光の時 」at Gallery Camellia
01/11 Creativity Workshop 創造性ワークショップ

12/02-27 Exhibition "The secret 2015" at RICOH Imaging Square
12/02-01/31 Photo For You 50% off campaign
11/27 New Album "Hemisphere" on sale
11/27-29 Rhythms and Visions 2015 "Life" (ATSUKOBAROUH)
10/08 Introduction to Musical Photographique 写真音楽概論 (Shinsekai, Tokyo)
09/19, 20 Introduction to Watercolor Painting for Photographers フォトグラファーのための水彩画入門 >> こちら
07/28 Live Reading and Music 世界に魅せられた者たちのライヴ 5「 Word」 (Mandala, Tokyo)
07/03 Live at Aoyama CAY "On The Corner"
06/30, 07/04 運命のカメラと出会うワークショップ@代官山 北村写真機店
06/15 Creativity Workshop 創造性ワークショップについて >> こちら
05/11 Introduction to Drawing for Photographers フォトグラファーのためのドローイング入門 >> こちら
04/20 Private Photography Lessons 個人向け写真講座について >> こちら


09/18 Live Reading and Music "Tale of Heike 平家物語" (Mandala, Tokyo)
06/27 Bright Photo Salon Members Exhibition (Bright Photo Salon, Tokyo)
05/27-06/14 Solo exhibition "Joy" (gallery EM nishiazabu, Tokyo)

* * *

see Facebook Page for the latest information on Robert Adachi
安達ロベルトの最新情報はこちら >> Facebookページ>